Growth & Friendship

True friendship is about companionship and mutual growth. Throughout the construction of the BRI projects, CCCC's actively engage in activities such as training program to cultivate local talents. Chinese and international employees work hand in hand and help each other succeed, forming profound friendship.

  • "Working with a Chinese teacher has"
    been an incredible experience!

    Li Yongtai & Thomas

    Yaoundé-Douala Expressway Project, in Cameroon

  • "I have acquired the skills and developed a strong friendship with my mentor."

    Zhang Zhigang & Alfred

    Lamu Port Project, in Kenya

  • "I hope to become as excellent as my mentor in the future."

    Gao Guoke & Tamaki Wambo

    Kribi Deepwater Port Phase II Project, in Cameroon

  • "Wang is not only my mentor, but also my friend"

    Wang Heng & Serbin

    Sea Water Cooling Project at Jaza, in Saudi Arabia

  • "My eyes are the ruler!"

    Wang Weidong & Badan

    Greater Karachi Bulk Water Supply Scheme K-IV project, in Pakistan

  • "I am proud to become the first female locomotive driver in Kenya and the only one with an independent operation mileage exceeding 140,000 kilometers."


    Mombasa-Nairobi Standard Gauge Railway, in Kenya

  • Heart to Heart & Common Prosperity

    CCCC's BRI projects connect with the hearts of the people, address their concerns, and contribute to the development and prosperity of the local communities. By solidly addressing the issues that local residents care about, such as skill development and income increase, CCCC contributes to the common development and prosperity of the countries along the BRI.

  • Keegan: Let the world see the beauty of Malaysia

  • Najah: ECRL project brings home closer

  • China-Maldives Friendship Bridge, a bridge of hope, prosperity, and happiness

  • Phouxay: Learn about the Nam Lik 1-2 Hydropower Station project in Laos

  • Jorge Nelson: Witness the construction of University of November 11 (UON) project in Cabinda

  • Naveed Anwar: Building New Chapters in Saudi Arabia with CCCC

  • Mehida: To become a better version of myself

  • Orlando: Witness the change and development of Mozambique

  • Postcard Messages

    CCCC has built bridges, roads, harbors, cities, and power stations worldwide. It transforms the BRI into a development belt benefiting the world and a happiness road bringing happiness to people in various countries. Please accept postcards sent by netizens from around the world expressing the positive impact of CCCC's projects on their own and local socio-economic development.