CCCC is the biggest port design and construction enterprise in the world, formulates more than 70% of the national standards of the water transportation industry, and designs 7 oftop 10 ports in the world.


CCCC is the biggest dredging enterprise in the world, with the total tank capacity of the trailing suction hopper dredger and total installed power of cutter suction dredger ranking the 1st in the world, formulates multiple international standards ofthe dredging industry, and makes contribution for the global dredging industry.


CCCC is a global leading highway design and construction operation enterprise. It participated in the Beijing-Tianjin-Tanggu Highway, BeijingUrumqi Highway, and many other major highway projects, and made important contributions guided by the spirits in the construction of SichuanTibet Highway and Qinghai-Tibet Highway, and also participated in the construction of multiple regional core highway engineering projects of Asia, Africa and Latin America.


As a world leading rail and rail transit design, construction and operation enterprise, we have constructed railways with a total length of over 6,000 kilometers so as to introduce China's railway construction standards to the world.


CCCC is the largest bridge design and construction enterprise in the world, with complete bridge construction technical systems. It designed 4 of the world top 10 stayed-cable bridges , 5 of the world top 10 suspension bridges, 8 of the world top 10 mountain and canyon brides, and 7 of the world top 10 sea-crossing bridges.


CCC has always tried to be a pacemaker in the tunnel construction, had comprehensive development, guided in the construction of multiple world level highway and tunnel engineering projects, accumulated rich experience in design, construction, equipment, etc., formed complete set of technical systems, and promoted the industry development and technical revolution.


As a strategic investor, CCCC organized the establishment of China Airport Construction Group Corporation, contracted the airport engineering of more than 80 countries and regions, participated in the engineering design and construction of more than 90% of the civil transport airport engineering. It has the whole industry chain business capability for civil airport engineering

Equipment Manufacturing

CCCC is a world leading design and manufacturing service supplier of port machinery and marine heavy equipment, with its quayside container crane ranking the 1st in the world quayside crane market for 20 years consecutively. It boasts technical R&D as well as manufacturing advantages in the manufacturing of large shield machine, crane ship, dredger, oil rig, etc.