CCCC has invested in and constructed more than 3,000 infrastructure projects, including over 13,000 kilometers of roads, over 200 bridges, and 150 key ports. The contracted railways and those under construction exceed 3,000 kilometers.

Date as of December 2021


In 2022, a total of RMB 266 million was allocated to provide paired assistance, and 209 projects were implemented to enable such assistance.

Date as of December 2022


365 international students from countries along the route of the Belt and Road Initiative were sponsored to study in China.

Date as of December 2021

Better Transportation

Taking the role of a transportation pioneer, CCCC focuses on technology, safety, sustainability, intelligence, and other fields to deliver premium transportation infrastructure products and enhance the transportation network in impoverished regions.

Promoting Employment

By leveraging our expertise in the construction industry, we are committed to providing comprehensive training on technical skills to individuals looking to advance in this field. We also give full play to the role of construction enterprises in generating employment opportunities, and strive to cultivate leaders in labor exporting to further expand employment opportunities.

Education Improvement

We support the construction of campus hardware facilities, the development of internet-based educational software, and the establishment of scholarships, grants, and funds for students, as well as awards for outstanding teachers. We also conduct voluntary teaching activities under the “Blue Vest” program of CCCC to make education more accessible for children from disadvantaged families.

Rural Revitalization

Drawing on the ecological environment and local resource, we improve public infrastructure conditions in rural areas and enhance the living environment. Moreover, we support the development of specialty industries, such as rural tourism, agricultural specialty processing, textiles and apparel, and greenhouse cultivation, to create exemplars for rural revitalization.

Maternal and Child Care

We collaborate closely with charitable organizations to carry out initiatives that aim to improve maternal and child health, promote women's employment, and advance early childhood education. Furthermore, we provide financial assistance for critical illness screening among women and children, medical and health consultation, and education and training services. Additionally, we provide resources to support preschool teachers and volunteers in their endeavors to teach in rural communities.

Public Welfare and Charity

CCCC takes an active role in socially beneficial and charitable activities to help disadvantaged groups. 

Disaster Relief and Rescue

In times of calamity, CCCC is always among the first to marshal its manpower and material resources to protect people's lives and their properties. We donate essential supplies to assist victims in overcoming adversity, and take an active role in post-disaster reconstruction.