China Communications Construction Company Limited ("CCCC" or the "Company") is a leading global comprehensive service provider of ultra-large infrastructure, mainly engaged in the investment, construction and operation of transportation infrastructure, equipment manufacturing, real estate and urban comprehensive development. It aims to provide customers with investment financing, consulting planning, design and construction, management and operation package solutions and integrated services. CCCC is listed in Hong Kong and Shanghai, and the company's profitability and value-creation capability are in a leading position in the world. In 2021, CCCC ranked 61st in Fortune global 500.

At present, CCCC is the world's largest port design and construction company, the world's largest highway and bridge design and building company, the world's largest dredging company, the world's largest container crane manufacturing company and the world's largest offshore oil drilling platform design company; it also has the title of China's largest international engineering contracting company and China's largest expressway investors. CCCC has more than 60 wholly-owned or controlled subsidiaries, and it is a hundred-year-old company pioneering in many industries in China. It has top state-owned enterprises which have grown and expanded with China. It has modern enterprises which emerge in the tide of reform and opening-up, rising stars to promote the restructuring of the company, and advanced enterprises at home and abroad from mergers and acquisitions.

CCCC has been engaged in related business for more than 100 years, and provide products and services in more than 150 countries. Through the continuous efforts of several generations, CCCC has built a large number of transportation infrastructures on behalf of the highest level of the times; aiming to provide customers with mature and complete services, CCCC has formed a global leading technical system and a service culture of "put satisfaction into your heart". With the vision of "making the world more smooth, making the city more livable, making the life more colorful", the company will adhere to its mission of "consolidating the foundation, cultivating the way, carrying out the party's mission", keep the enterprise spirit of "blending with the world and building without borders", respect these talented people who can create value, regardless of their backgrounds, and take effort to build a world-class enterprise with global competitiveness in technology, management and quality and become a respectable company "making the investors and operators reassured and the customers satisfied, the relevant stakeholders trust us, the employees happy, and CCCC a widely acclaimed company".