World's first intelligent port building machine launched in Jiangsu


The successful application of this groundbreaking equipment sets a new benchmark for future port construction.

Recently, a significant breakthrough was achieved at the construction site of the No. 3 Berth of the general wharf of the Phase III in Dafeng Port, Yancheng, Jiangsu Province, undertaken by CCCC's Second Harbor Engineering. A structural beam weighing 70 tons was successfully installed in just 15 minutes, marking the successful debut of the world's first prefabricated, green, integrated intelligent port building machine developed by the company.
This innovative machine is designed for the integrated and streamlined installation of superstructures on various types of high-pile wharves. The entire construction process is precisely controlled by a digital monitoring platform, which enables automated adjustments of prefabricated components. This technology significantly enhances the efficiency and accuracy of superstructure construction in challenging marine environments while substantially reducing the need for on-site personnel and equipment. 

Editor: Second Harbor Engineering