Batch of projects undertaken by CCCC witness significant progress


Many CCCC projects have reached major milestones, contributing to local economic and social development. 

Recently, several projects undertaken by CCCC have witnessed significant progress.
Three tunnels of East Coast Rail Link (ECRL) completed
Three tunnels of ECRL: the Bentong Tunnel 1#, with a total length of 561 meters; the Temiang Tunnel 12#, spanning 270 meters; and the Temiang Tunnel 13#, with a total length of 477 meters, achieved breakthrough. These three tunnels, all single-hole double-track tunnels, were successfully completed on the same day.
Installation of all offshore maintenance platforms for the 275kV cross-sea transmission line project in Penang, Malaysia
After four months of effort, all 26 offshore maintenance platforms for the project were successfully installed, laying the foundation for the installation of all transmission towers along the line. The project team adopted a segmented prefabrication + wet jointing process, successfully addressing the challenge of lifting oversized prefabricated components.
Completion of dredging project of Gwadar Port in Pakistan
During the completion ceremony, the project owner representative stated that upon completion, the throughput capacity of Gwadar Port will be significantly increased, leading to greater regional economic and social development.
Deployment of intelligent dredging equipment in Taihu Lake
This marks the use of intelligent, efficient, and environmentally friendly dredging equipment designed and built independently by CCCC. The vessel will be used for ecological dredging in Taihu Lake, aiming to improve the water quality around the lake area.
Completion and acceptance of the Guangzhou Port Nansha Grain and General Cargo Terminal
The project mainly includes two 100,000-ton general berths, one 40,000-ton general cargo berth, and five 5,000-ton barge berths. With a designed annual throughput capacity of 12.95 million tons, the project's completion has made Nansha Port the largest logistics base for grain, steel, and complete equipment in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, further consolidating and enhancing Guangzhou Port's logistics role in South China.
Grid connection and power generation of the Zhejiang Xiangshan Tuci Offshore wind farm
The project has a planned installed capacity of 304 megawatts, mainly involving the construction of foundations and equipment installation for 38 wind turbine units with a capacity of 8 megawatts each. The project is expected to generate approximately 840 million kilowatt-hours of electricity annually, reducing emissions of various harmful gases and smoke dust by about 570,000 tons.
Completion and acceptance of the Mianyang High-Tech Industrial Park in Sichuan Province
Located in Mianyang, the project covers a total construction area of approximately 420,000 square meters, consisting of 21 buildings. The completion of the project will effectively alleviate the shortage of office space for local small and medium-sized enterprises, improve the conditions for the clustered development of local industrial parks, and promote local economic and social development.
Completion and acceptance of Phase I of the digital science and technology park in Wenzhou
The project covers an area of approximately 37,400 square meters, comprising a complex of an exhibition hall and a sightseeing tower. The hall roof adopts a double curved parabolic wood structure, and the sightseeing tower is the first photovoltaic curtain wall power generation project in Wenzhou. The project provides residents with a platform for experiencing and sharing the future community, which is of great significance for promoting the economic development of the Wenzhou's greater bay area.
Completion of the main structure of the cold chain smart industrial park in Wuhan
The project has a total construction area of approximately 120,000 square meters. Once operational, it will become the first digital, green and low-carbon industrial park in Central China. It will serve as an industrial base for agricultural product processing and cold chain industry, empowering rural revitalization with high standards and digital agricultural industrial parks.
Commencement of the G30 Lianyungang–Khorgas Expressway
The project is located in the Hami Basin and involves the expansion and reconstruction of the Hami-Tuyugou expressway, with a total length of 29 kilometers. It will be expanded from a four-lane to an eight-lane highway, with a designed speed of 120 kilometers per hour. Upon completion, the traffic capacity of the highways entering and exiting Xinjiang will be doubled, playing a crucial role in further promoting the coordinated development of the regional economy.

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