China-Maldives Friendship Bridge helps Maldives realize the dream for bridge


China-Maldives Friendship Bridge is a 2-kilometer-long cross-sea bridge built with China's assistance.

China-Maldives Friendship Bridge is a 2-kilometer-long cross-sea bridge built with China's assistance to connect Male, the capital of Maldives, to the airport island. It started construction on December 30, 2015 and was opened to traffic on August 30, 2018.
The CCCC team overcame three world problems: complex coral reefs, long waves in deep water and high temperature and salt corrosion, helping the Maldives to realize the dream of having a bridge across the sea.
During the construction period, the 80-year-old former Minister of Housing and Construction of Maldives, Umar Zahir, said when inspecting the bridge, "This is a bridge that holds the dream of the Maldivian people, and when other countries said it was impossible for the Maldivian people to have a bridge, it was the CCCC team that finally made our dream a reality. "
The China-Maldives Friendship Bridge is the first modern bridge in Maldives, which is not only important for promoting local economic development and improving people's livelihood, but also plays a great role in promoting friendly relations between China and Maldives.
Technical breakthrough, gaining valuable experience in bridge construction
During the construction, the CCCC team practiced striving spirit and overcame difficult challenges. Facing the complex coral reefs, the project team analyzed, summarized and improved the process of each rock layer with many research institutes in China, and finally found a solution to this world problem, which pioneered the construction of large bridges in deep sea without shelter and on coral reefs, which has provided a model for similar projects in the world.
Corporate responsibility, showing a good international image
CCCC guards the blue sea and sky of the tourists' paradise. CCCC used specially designed welding rod cylinder and welding slag cylinder to prevent welding rod and slag from falling into the sea. Drill slag collection box is set for each drilling rig, which is cleaned and transferred to the designated place in time during construction and is strictly prohibited to be poured into the sea. Waste water and oil are discharged to the place designated by the local government for disposal. The construction site has specially-assigned person to clean the construction road in time to avoid dust pollution. Workers are strictly forbidden to dump garbage into the ocean.
Chinese workers guide their foreign counterparts. Foreign employees account for 40% of the total employees. The project department arranged one Chinese technical backbone or skilled worker to guide 2 to 3 foreign employees, to help them master a skill. The Bangladeshi employee, Eyasin, was guided by a Chinese worker to master electrical installation and maintenance, mixing equipment operation and other skills. Due to his outstanding performance, Eyasin has grown from an ordinary worker to a team leader and was awarded as an excellent foreign employee in 2018.
CCCC actively participates in social welfare activities. In November 2016, a fire broke out in a residential building in Male, causing serious damage to the 5-story building. The project department immediately delivered 50 crates of drinking water and 50 kg of noodles and other materials to the disaster relief settlement quickly, and assisted the victims to install rainproof facilities. CCCC's action was widely praised by local people and media. 
Be a good envoy of friendship and promote cultural exchange between China and the Maldives
The beauty of culture transcends national boundaries. The project department took the bridge as a medium and held a "camp open day" every month, inviting Maldivian people to visit the site and feel the bridge construction style closely. By showing the bridge culture to the local people and carrying out exchanges and interactions with them, the local people are proud to visit the bridge and each activity will trigger a trend.
In addition, the project department also held the activities such as International Friendship Day, where the local people learned to write Chinese characters, learn to use chopsticks and other amusing activities to appreciate the charm of Chinese culture.
Every year, the project department holds a variety of activities to celebrate the Chinese New Year. Local people and employees can feel the unique charm of Chinese festivals.

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