CCCC contributes to China-Nauru exchange and cooperation


CCCC is strengthening exchange and cooperation between China and Nauru!

CCCC is enhancing communication and cooperation between China and Nauru. Under its subsidiary, CHEC, CCCC has implemented the redevelopment project of Aiwo Harbor and a photovoltaic power generation project in Nauru, providing modern facilities and clean energy to Nauru.
Redevelopment project of Aiwo Harbor
The port commenced operations in 2022, ending Nauru's historical reliance on sea transshipment of import and export goods.
The project includes the construction of a 20,000-ton berth, dredging of the harbor basin (approximately 150,000 cubic meters), a road and land yard covering about 45,000 square meters, a building area of approximately 2,400 square meters, the renovation of the national seawater desalination facility, and other supporting works.
The port is currently undergoing further upgrades to enhance its transportation service functions. Upon completion, it is expected to significantly improve the current issues of low port throughput and high maritime costs, effectively promoting trade with neighboring countries.
Photovoltaic power generation project
This project involves the construction of a new 6-megawatt solar power plant, a battery energy storage system with a capacity of 2.5 megawatts/5 megawatt-hours, and an 11-kilovolt substation.
The project will reduce Nauru's dependence on diesel, improve local power supply, increase the share of renewable energy generation to 47%, reduce generation costs, and contribute to Nauru's sustainable development and environmental protection.

Editor: CHEC