Over 50 Journalists from countries of the Belt and Road Initiative visit CCCC


Their visits aimed to understand CCCC's cutting-edge technology, green practices, and commitment to social responsibility.

In September, more than 50 journalists from over 20 countries of the Belt and Road Initiative paid visits to CCCC and its various projects. Their visits aimed to witness the significant transformations in the areas of big transportation and big cities over the past decade and to understand CCCC's cutting-edge technology, green practices, and commitment to social responsibility.
On September 13, eight journalists from countries including Kenya, Malaysia, Nigeria, Colombia, Laos, and Kazakhstan visited CCCC. They delved into the achievements of CCCC's ten-year efforts in the Belt and Road Initiative and the company's practices in fulfilling its social responsibilities in the host countries.
On September 19, a group of 15 journalists from Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, and other nations experienced CCCC's new practices, achievements, and experiences in actively participating in the Belt and Road cooperation .
On September 18, a 12-member Pakistani journalist delegation visited one of CCCC's subsidiaries, OriginWater, where they had a profound experience with OriginWater's world-class membrane material equipment, technical processes, and engaged in in-depth discussions about CCCC's ecological solutions for urban and rural environments.
From September 7 to 10, in the Travelogue of China event organized by CCCC, media reporters from 17 foreign countries, including Pakistan, Timor-Leste, Malaysia, Nepal, Thailand, Indonesia, and Papua New Guinea, visited CCCC's governance projects of Jin River in Chengdu. They explored CCCC's model in the fields of greenway construction, intelligent water services, urban renewal, rural revitalization, and other fields.

These series of media activities have sparked admiration among the journalists for Chinese companies including CCCC.
Over the past 20 years, China International Water and Electric Corporation has made increasing contributions to local communities in Laos by constructing and improving roads, bridges, schools, student playgrounds, libraries, and other facilities across multiple provinces, according to a journalist from the Lao newspaper Vientiane Times. He praised CCCC for fulfilling its social responsibility.
CCCC continuously increases local participation, providing numerous job opportunities to the local community. During the construction of Malaysia’s East Coast Rail Link, over 6,000 local employees were hired. A senior journalist from the Malaysian newspaper Sin Chew Daily said that the contribution made by China in demonstrating its sense of responsibility in recent years has been beyond imagination.

Editor: CCCC