Travelogue of China! Journalists from 13 countries discover the charm of CCCC and Chengdu


17 journalists from 13 Asia-Pacific countries embarked on a journey to discover the stories of CCCC's contributions to Chengdu's development.

Recently, the Travelogue of China media exchange event, hosted by CCCC, concluded successfully in Chengdu. 17 journalists from 13 Asia-Pacific countries embarked on a journey to discover the stories of CCCC's contributions to Chengdu's development.
The event centered around CCCC's projects related to the ecological governance of the Jinjiang River and the construction of the Jinjiang Lohas Greenway.
Sanse Road
The Sanse Road is a night market built by CCCC along the Jinjiang River, leveraging the bicycle lanes and extreme sports park. CCCC transformed what was once a forest and rudimentary paths into a distinctive district that combines food, sports, leisure, and commercial services. The media delegation participated in a "100 E-CNY challenge" live stream here to experience digital payment.
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Jinjiang Lohas Greenway
The Jinjiang Lohas Greenway, constructed by CCCC, is the core of the world's largest greenway system, the Tianfu Greenway. It has currently achieved a full length of 220 kilometers, connecting 23 parks and 170 scenic areas along the way. The media delegation explored the picturesque landscape on bikes.
During the cycling, journalists actively participated in activities like "I Got Married with Chengdu" and "Learning Sichuanese," sharing Chinese stories and promoting Chinese culture. The live broadcasts of the event garnered millions of online viewers.
Smart Watershed Management
CCCC has developed a smart robot for garbage collection on water surfaces. This robot autonomously patrols the water surface, cleans up floating debris, and provides real-time monitoring of water quality and flow. The collected data is uploaded to a smart water management platform, supporting water governance. 
The Jinjiang River governance project serves as a model in smart water management and new infrastructure.
Night Tour of the Jinjiang River
The Night Tour of the Jinjiang River is the first night tour project jointly created by CCCC in Chengdu. Leveraging the unique buildings along the banks of the Jinjiang River and lighting equipment, it provides passengers with a new visual feast. In the first half of 2023, the project received a total of 1.34 million visitors.
CCCC's Plan Creates a Model for Rural Development
At the starting point of the Jinjiang River Greenway in Dujiangyan, the journalists marveled at the millennium-old wisdom of Chinese water conservancy projects and the harmonious coexistence of humans and nature.
In Zhanqi Village, they deeply felt the development of rural revitalization. CCCC constructed the Zhanqi Village Greenway, a part of the Jinjiang River Greenway, which connects five villages, including Zhanqi Village, at its core, weaving a vibrant green network across the countryside.

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