111 ambassadors and representatives of international organizations visit CCCC


Wang Tongzhou pointed out that CCCC's vision is to "make the world unimpeded, make the city more habitable, and make life better".

On February 27, the Ambassadors Face to Face with China Communications Construction Company (CCCC) activity was held in Beijing. A total of 111 representatives from 110 embassies and international organizations attended the event, including 20 ambassadors to China, 7 chargé d'affaires, and 1 representative of an international organization. Wang Tongzhou, Chairman of CCCC, and Wang Haihuai, General Manager of CCCC, also attended the event.
In his speech, Wang Tongzhou thanked the ambassadors for their support and assistance to CCCC in its overseas development, and introduced CCCC's development. As one of the earliest Chinese enterprises to expand overseas business and the most representative internationally operated enterprise, CCCC has deepened friendly cooperation with companies from various countries by relying on the full industry chain of infrastructure and integrated services, and achieved world-renowned achievements.
Wang Tongzhou pointed out that CCCC's vision is to "make the world more smooth, make the city more livable, make the life more colorful". The company is willing to continue to strengthen cooperation with countries around the world to promote common development, accelerate the building of a world-class enterprise with global competitiveness in technology, management, and quality, actively integrate into the economic and social development of the host country, and fully support the construction of more projects that benefit the people, fulfill social responsibilities, and promote the results of cooperation to benefit more people.
During the discussion session, ambassadors to China from Chile, South Africa, Switzerland, and other countries talked with relevant CCCC leaders on topics such as regional cooperation. Then ambassadors visited the special exhibition of this event.
It is worth mentioning that the ambassadors also visited the smart light showroom of Beijing Landsky, a subsidiary of CCCC, and the newly opened urban upgrading exhibition, experiencing the infinite possibilities of light technology and smart cities. These two exhibitions are new areas opened up by CCCC based on its "big city" business and the integration of digital, information, and intelligent technologies.
Pei Minshan, Vice General Manager of CCCC, Chen Zhong, Vice General Manager of CCCC, and Wang Jingchun, the head of CCCC's international business and other leaders, were present.

Editor: First Highway Engineering,China Urban-Rural