Reuse of stripping soil


At present, the stripped soil of the Hengli Island development project in Guangzhou City is decorated with energetic and beautiful greenery. 

At present, the stripped soil of the Hengli Island development project in Guangzhou City is decorated with energetic and beautiful greenery. In previous wind seasons, clouds of dust rose in the Pearl Bay area, however, things are totally different now.
"Through our efforts, 220,000-cubic-meter soil stripped away from the farmland realizes its reuse and continues to play a better role", the project leader said that proudly.
The Hengli Island development project is located in the Pearl Bay Starting Area, Nansha District, Guangzhou City, and Second Harbor Engineering under CCCC is responsible for the levelling, and the construction of municipal infrastructure, waterways inside and outside the island, and landscapes.
In the early stage of the project, the land levelling task was to strip a 30-centimeter-thick layer of farm soil away from the original land surface, resulting in that about 220,000 cubic meters of soil was stripped away and enough to fill 90 standard swimming pools. Therefore, it became a consensus that the project team should not only control the construction cost, but also take full advantage of the soil which contains nutrition required by plenty of vegetation.
With the height of the Hengli Island just 2 meters higher than the sea level, the project team needs to raise the foundation by nearly8 meters. Coincidentally, the stripped soil killed two birds with one stone by becoming the foundation-filling material and saving the transporting cost. However, the test showed that some stripped soil contained a lot of stubble and large clods, making the compaction degree less than 83%, and that's far lower than the required figure.
In order to let the stripped soil meet the quality requirement for filling the foundation, the project adopted rotary cultivators to break it up. For the soil containing many hard and large impurities, the project team chose blazes with higher precision anda higher abrasion-assistant degree to break it up. Finally, the compaction degree of the processed stripped soil met the requirement.
The pile loading period of the nearly 8 meters high foundation is nearly half a year, and to cover the stripped soil with geotextile and green mesh is expensive and they are easily damaged by wind blow. To solve this problem, the project apartment chose some fertile stripped soil to cover the upper partof the foundation and the side slopes, and planted vegetation. These measures saves the cost of buying geotextile and green mesh, realizes the source control of the construction dust, and protects the side slopes.

Editor: Second Harbor Engineering