White angels spread love across the world


CCCC's subsidiary CWE focuses on fulfilling social responsibilities. Let's take a look!

Let's spread love through water across the world! CCCC's subsidiary CWE is committed to win-win cooperation and fulfilling social responsibilities while engaging in overseas project construction.
The white angels visited our projects: The 30th batch of the Chinese medical team to Guinea visited the Souapiti Hydroelectric Project to conduct medical check-ups. They organized seminars, health education lectures, and provided free medical services. The experts also gained insights into the conditions at the Kaleta and Souapiti Hydroelectric Projects, witnessing the contributions of Chinese hydropower to local economic and social development.
Bringing love to children: In partnership with local hospitals, the Nam Lik 1-2 Hydropower Station conducted health and medical emergency training at the Lycee Park Ngua School, which we helped build. Teachers and students actively participated in practical exercises, earnestly learning techniques and skills, deepening their understanding of medical knowledge.

Editor: CWE