Cultivating talent and promoting employment: CCCC in action


Through these efforts, CCCC continues to play a pivotal role in nurturing talent and facilitating employment worldwide, demonstrating its commitment to social responsibility and sustainable development.

Recently, CCCC has been actively organizing job fairs, technical exchange events, and signing talent cultivation agreements around the world. These initiatives aim to strengthen industry-academia collaboration and promote coordinated development among enterprises, universities, and research institutions.
Recruitment Fair for International Students at Tsinghua University
At a recent recruitment fair at Tsinghua University, seven subsidiaries of CCCC offered nearly 60 job positions across 20 countries and regions. The positions spanned various fields including engineering, marketing, investment, law, and administration, attracting over 80 international students seeking employment opportunities.
Technical Exchange at Jamaica's Montego Bay Perimeter Road Project
In Jamaica, the Montego Bay Perimeter Road Project, undertaken by CHEC (a CCCC subsidiary), hosted a technical exchange event with Jamaica's National Training Agency HEART and the project owner's engineering team. 
HEART is the largest vocational and technical education institution in Jamaica and the Caribbean. The delegation visited multiple construction sites and the project's standardized laboratory. They highly praised the CCCC team's construction management experience, laboratory setup, quality control, and the impressive 90% localization rate of the workforce. HEART plans to certify the skills of the local workers trained on this project by issuing professional skill certificates.
Project Team of Muara Lassa Bridge Project in Sarawak Visits University of Technology Sarawak
The project team visited the Faculty of Architecture and Environment at the university. During the visit, they exchanged ideas on techniques and processes of bridge construction.
This event was significant for enhancing the students' understanding of bridge engineering, improving their theoretical knowledge, and strengthening their practical skills. Several employees from the project are alumni of the university, and the project team looks forward to welcoming more outstanding graduates in the future.
Signing Talent Cultivation MOU with Kantipur Engineering College, Nepal
CCCC and Kantipur Engineering College in Nepal signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on talent cultivation. The agreement includes deep cooperation in talent training, student employment, and academic exchange. It aims to provide local Nepalese students with internship and training opportunities, as well as employment prospects, while supporting the company's sustainable development in the region. 

Editor: CRBC,CREC, Road & Bridge International