Bridging education and industry for effective talent training


CCCC has been actively engaging in educational collaborations and organizing professional training programs. 

CCCC has been actively engaging in educational collaborations, organizing professional training programs, and building the Base of Global Leadership Development of ICEE during project construction to cultivate a wide range of international infrastructure talents.
Educational collaboration at Malaysia's ECRL
Recently, the CCCC project team of the ECRL section 9 invited 38 students and faculty from the Faculty of Civil Engineering of Universiti Teknologi Malaysia to visit the construction site.
This educational collaboration is a concerted effort to share resources and complement each other's strengths between academia and industry, promote development of industry-university-research collaboration, and nurture high-quality talent.
During the visit, the delegation toured the construction site of Tunnel 2 and engaged in in-depth discussions with the project’s technical team at the K38 base. This hands-on experience provided the students with a real-world perspective on the challenges and demands of civil engineering, enhancing their understanding of the field and strengthening their practical skills.
Skill training at Botswana's North-South Carrier 
From December 2023 to March 2024, the North-South Carrier (NSC) in Botswana organized a 21-day vocational training for 345 local staff. 
The training session covered a variety of essential topics, including crane operation, occupational health and safety, fire safety, first aid, construction site safety, handling construction machinery, and scaffolding installation. At the end of the training, certificates were awarded to the participants, who expressed that the training had significantly enhanced their engineering skills and technical knowledge.
Base of Global Leadership Development of ICEE receives high praise from UNESCO 
Recently, Lydia Arthur Britto, UNESCO Assistant Director-General for Natural Sciences, highly commended the Base of Global Leadership Development of ICEE's efforts in talent development across Africa in her letter to Yang Bin, Vice President of Tsinghua University and Executive Director of ICEE. 
On December 27, 2021, the Base of Global Leadership Development of ICEE was officially inaugurated at CHEC. This base exemplifies the integration of engineering education with practical experience in nurturing talents. Since its inception, leveraging ongoing projects under CHEC globally, it has vigorously implemented a localization strategy for talent, particularly cultivating a group of skilled engineers in Africa. Looking ahead, the base plans to expand its role in international engineering education by engaging in more international cooperative projects and exchange activities, providing a broader platform for engineering education.

Editor: CHEC, Road & Bridge International