CCCC demonstrates commitment to children's education through concrete actions


CCCC is actively involved in educational support and assistance activities, contributing to children's education and healthy growth with concrete actions.

CCCC is actively involved in educational support and assistance activities, showcasing its commitment to corporate social responsibility and contributing to children's education and healthy growth with practical actions.
Scholarship program at the Rucalhue Hydropower Plant in Chile
The Rucalhue Hydropower Plant in Chile held its 2024 scholarship award ceremony in Quilaco, benefiting over 60 students this year. This scholarship, which has been running for four years and has supported a total of 209 students, aims to help students who have dropped out return to school or receive education at specialized institutions.
Children's Day donations by project team of Semarang-Demak lB Toll Road in Indonesia
Ahead of International Children's Day, the project team of the Semarang-Demak lB Toll Road project in Indonesia visited SD Negeri Bedono 1, a primary school along the project route. They brought holiday gifts and best wishes to 187 students, distributing new backpacks, colorful markers, and a variety of drawing books, which brought smiles to the children's faces. Noting the school's lack of facilities and educational materials, the project team also discussed future support plans with the school.
Educational donations by Novi Sad-Ruma Expressway Project in Serbia
The project team of the second section of the Novi Sad-Ruma Expressway donated a 30-meter-long outdoor stand and refurbished the indoor padding of the gymnasium at the Dositej Obradović School in Irig. They also donated books, paintbrushes, globes, and fitness equipment, supporting the rapid and effective development of local education.
Outdoor stand
Educational support activities in Lushui City, Yunnan, China
Volunteers from the Lushui City sewage treatment project visited the Complete Primary School in Ronghua Village, Laowo Township, Lushui City to carry out educational support activities. They provided students with school bags, stationery, and delivered an engineering class to inspire the children to cherish learning opportunities, acquire new knowledge, and develop new skills.
Parent-child activities by ZPMC
Over 40 employees and their children participated in the Open Day event at the port, allowing children to experience their parents' work environment up close. The children also toured the Shanghai Wild Animal Park, learning about animals and exploring the secrets of nature. This event fostered happier and more harmonious parent-child relationships, supporting children's joyful growth.

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