Building Beautiful Campuses: CCCC contributes educational development


Building Beautiful Campuses: CCCC contributes educational development.

As the school season in September begins, another batch of beautiful campuses constructed by CCCC has been put into use, contributing to educational development.
Rural Revitalization School Project in Xingwen County, Sichuan
This project consists of the renovation and expansion of 15 schools in 11 townships in the entire county, with a total construction area of approximately 81,000 square meters, including 20 dormitory buildings, 3 teaching buildings, and 3 canteens. The project's completion ensures the equitable distribution of high-quality educational resources.
Jiuwan School, Nanchang, Jiangxi
With a total construction area of 58,000 square meters, including 3 middle school teaching buildings and 2 primary school teaching buildings, it can accommodate over 2,100 students. The completion of the project significantly improves education in the region.
Longwan Experimental School, Foshan, Guangdong
With a construction area of 30,500 square meters, the school was designed by a subsidiary of CCCC and incorporates elements of the local culture. It is dedicated to creating a garden-style campus with regional features.
Yancheng Experimental Senior School of East China Normal University, Jiangsu
With a total construction area of 139,000 square meters, the school is equipped with facilities such as an auditorium, library, and swimming pool, with a campus green space ratio of 35%. After completion, it will meet the teaching requirements of 36 primary school classes, 18 junior high school classes, and 48 high school classes, as well as accommodation for 60% of the students.
CCCC Xiwang School, Lushui, Yunnan
The school has a planned total construction area of 23,953.87 square meters, including 45 classrooms for primary and middle school students, accommodating 2,100 students. The project's completion greatly meets the demand for high-quality educational resources in Lushui City and among relocated residents.
Education Improvement Project, Korla, Xinjiang
With a total construction area of approximately 78,000 square meters, the project includes the construction of 3 middle schools and 2 kindergartens. The completion of the project significantly alleviates the pressure on local schools and improves the quality of teaching.
Xintian Middle School, Wuhan, Hubei
The school can accommodate 1,800 students. As one of the important public service facilities in Sino-French Wuhan Ecological Demonstration City, the project will further enhance the regional education service and promote the development of the Sino-French Wuhan Ecological Demonstration City.
East New District Experimental School, Chengdu, Sichuan
The school can accommodate more than 2,000 students. The successful delivery of the school is of great significance for promoting the high-quality development of education in the eastern new area of Chengdu city.

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