North-South Expressway in Montenegro, a road that brings "warmth" to local people


North-South Expressway in Montenegro, a road that brings "warmth" to local people.

North-South Expressway in Montenegro, a road that brings "warmth" to local people
"I have lived here for more than 10 years, and I only dreamt that the church would have water, but today I can see water in church with my own eyes. Chinese engineers, you are great!" a nun thanked CCCC's project team of the North-South Expressway in Montenegro.
The village is located in an area with karst landscape and no surface water. Local residents rely on storage tanks to collect rainwater. Domestic water and drinking water are always not enough.
The project team actively explored the site in search of water sources, hoping to find a solution that would satisfy the project construction and also solve the drinking water problem of the local people.
The team was not discouraged when the solutions such as pumping water from a nearby river and drilling wells did not work. The team finally found a qualified water source in a tunnel next to a railway station 18 kilometers away from the camp. After approval, the project took one month to complete the laying of 18-kilometer water pipes and bring the water to the camp and the village.
On the day when the water gate was opened and released, the villagers gave thumbs up to the CCCC team while drinking clear water with smiles on their faces.
Not only water sources, CCCC builders also contributed to local education. in June 2016, the project team received a letter from an elementary school asking help to build school houses.
The nearby elementary school, built in 1963, had been ravaged by war. Coupled with the lack of maintenance, it was very dilapidated. As the number of students increased, the school did not have enough fund even after many fund-raisings, so the school sent a letter of help to the CCCC team.
After receiving the letter, the project department decided to help the school repair the school houses, and the technicians and workers completed the construction and painting work in just 10-plus days.
The school principal was so happy when seeing the new building, and kept describing the future of the classrooms: "The school is going to take one classroom as a cultural exhibition room, and will hold regular activities such as 'China Corner' to let more students learn Chinese culture. "

Editor: CRBC,Second Highway Engineering