Green development

"If only concrete could be a renewable resource!" These unintentional words not only helped solve the problem of concrete waste from the demolition of a road renovation project in Wuzhou City, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, but also addressed the insufficient supply of sand and gravel. It's like killing two birds with one stone.
The project involves the construction of 11 roads with high environmental requirements. The No.1 Road expansion project spans a total length of 7.46 kilometers.
After multiple tests, the demolished old road surface material proved to be of good quality. The processed broken stone meet the standards for roadbed. After screening and washing, they can be used as a substitute for natural aggregates in roadbed construction.
According to calculations, the demolished waste from the old road surface can produce 65,000 tons of broken stone, satisfying 40% of the sand and gravel demand for the construction of the No.1 Road.
Currently, 4.58 kilometers of the No.1 Road in the project have been completed. The road surface exhibits excellent durability and skid resistance, and the remaining 2.88 kilometers are undergoing groundwork and roadbed construction, progressing steadily towards completion.