Green development

Wuhan: large-diameter electric power tunnel gives way to a century-old camphor tree
What happens if a century-old camphor tree hinders the construction of a critical cable tunnel in a metropolis? Our answer is: rerouting the project.
This is exactly what happened with a power tunnel project in Wuhan, Hubei, which was constructed by the Second Harbor Engineering under CCCC. The project planned to build an underground tunnel near an important transportation hub on Huangpu Street in Wuhan for laying electricity cables. However, a lush century-old camphor tree was discovered at the construction site.
According to the project manager, the original construction plan had the starting point of the pipe jacking machine located where the camphor tree was. This meant that the camphor tree had to be transplanted or even die. In order to protect the tree, the project team, after repeated discussions, decided to move the starting point of the tunnel more than 10 meters to the southwest.
The relocation brought greater construction risks and difficulties. Additionally, the camphor tree was located in the center of the construction site, causing great inconvenience for the removal of construction waste. The project manager said, "Despite this, we found ways to overcome the difficulties and ensure that this century-old tree was not affected."
"Additional costs are incurred just to preserve a touch of green in the bustling city, which reflects the progress of our ecological concepts," said a landscaping engineer in Wuhan.
After the project is completed, the construction site will be repurposed into a pocket park with an area of nearly 5,000 square meters. It will become a pleasant hangout for nearby residents.