Green development

Be a warm guardian of migratory birds at Yellow River Bridge project of the Anyang-Luoshan Highway
To be a warm guardian of migratory birds!
One evening, an injured bird was found by a CCCCer at the Yellow River Bridge project of the Anyang-Luoshan Highway. He gently comforted the bird and brought it back for treatment. After several days of care, the bird regained vitality and returned to nature in the sunshine.
Because the construction site passes through the Yellow River Wetland Provincial Nature Reserve, about 160 species of birds stop here from October to the following April each year. That’s why CCCCers founded the "Migratory Bird Guardian Alliance". The guardians often clean up the riverbank, provide food for the birds in winter, and protect the migration route of birds with practical actions.
The project team tried their best to avoid pollution to the Yellow River during the construction.
The bridge adopted steel structures on a large scale and prefabricated construction for the upper part of the bridge and the towers, reducing the process of on-site assembly and the amount of concrete used by about 300,000 tons, as well as carbon emissions by about 23,000 tons. The trestle bridge deck adopted an intelligent runoff collection system to treat sewage and remove all kinds of pollutants, so that the runoff can reach the standard of direct discharge; the project used cement, lime and fly ash and other materials to reuse 300,000 cubic meters of slag, which not only created enough filler for the project roadbed, but also reduced the pollution by slag transportation.