Green development

CCCC's advanced equipment contributes to energy conservation and environmental protection
May marks CCCC's "Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Month", with the theme of makig friends with nature and building a harmonious way. Over the years, CCCC has actively applied environmental protection equipment and processes in construction and continued to promote high-quality development of the enterprise. Together, we will reveal CCCC's advanced equipment for energy conservation and environmental protection.

01 Spray dust suppression system in mixing station silo

The system integrates automatic monitoring and data analysis systems to monitor data indicators such as dust, temperature, and humidity in the silo, and start spray dust reduction according to the analysis results, and adjust the size and time of the spray in real time. With remarkable the dust reduction, the systems has created a good environment for the field operators.

02 Plasma equipment

The equipment is basically not affected by temperature and pollutant components, with the removal rate of odor and odor reaching 80-98%, and the odor concentration of the treated gas meeting the standard; the operating cost per cubic meter of gas volume is low; the speed of the gas passing through the reaction zone reaches 3- 15 m/s, which is a good processing effect.

03 Collision guardrail intelligent robot maintenance trolley

Using the automatic walking system and spraying system to precisely maintain the bridge collision wall.Compared with the conventional geotextile covering and sprinkling maintenance, it greatly saves water and material consumption, saves time and manpower, and greatly improves the maintenance efficiency.

04 High pressure micro-mist dust suppression humidifier

The equipment can quickly absorb heat from the air to complete the vaporization and diffusion. At room temperature, it is easy to vaporize into water vapor, accomplishing the purpose of air humidification, cooling, and dust removal, and effectively controlling the on-site dust.

05 Concrete wet spraying machine

It improves the working environment of the concrete spraying construction personnel inside the tunnel, improves the construction efficiency, reduces the consumption of concrete, and effectively guarantees the construction quality. With dual power working system, and lower carbon emissions, the equipment is more in line with the concept of environmental protection.

06 Sand Separator

It is used to recycle the remaining concrete of the tank truck after pouring, and separate the sand, stone and mud for recycling. Its processing capacity reaches 40tons per hour. The device not only solves the problem of pollution and waste of waste concrete, but also protects the environment and saves costs.

07 Fire return water utilization system

The system recycles the underground pressurized water, uses the temporary fire water tank as a water storage tank for transit, and then utilizes the recovered water source for vehicle washing, dust suppression sprinkler system and domestic water at the construction site, etc., to further increase the frequency of water use. The system can save 2800m³ of water consumption per month.

08 Slurry treatment filter press

The equipment separates the tiny solid particle agglomerates in the mud into free water, flocculates the sludge to achieve the purpose of dehydration, and finally separates the sludge from the water, which is convenient for storage and transportation.