Safety and occupational health

 CCCC holds a large-scale bridge collapse emergency drill

On June 30, 2022, CCCC held a large-scale bridge collapse emergency drill at the site of the Danjiangkou Reservoir Bridge of the Shiyan-Xichuan Expressway in Hubei Province, which was constructed by Second Harbour Engineering.

Four comprehensive subjects were set up in the drill, including rectification of inclined beam body, rescue for the wounded, oil pollution treatment, and fire disposal. The drill reflects the whole process management of information early warning, dangerous situation detection, information reporting, early disposal, emergency evacuation, emergency rescue, command transfer, medical rescue and so on. More than 100 people from local maritime, environmental protection, public security, fire protection, hospital and other rescue forces participated in the event. The drill effectively integrated the government-enterprise joint disposal mechanism, trained the emergency rescue team, and greatly improved the regional emergency rescue capabilities.

The Danjiangkou Reservoir Bridge of the Shiyan-Xichuan Expressway is the world's largest-span partially ground-anchored cable-stayed bridge and the world's largest-span steel-concrete composite girder cable-stayed bridge. The project has entered the construction sprint period. It is expected that the bridge will be completed in August. After completion, it will connect the inter-provincial expressways between Hubei and Henan, effectively promoting the economic and social development of the areas along the expressway.