Safety and occupational health

CCCC has always adhered to the working concept that "safety management is the primary management of enterprises", put forward the management goal of "zero accidents and zero harm", and established a "four-in-one" responsibility system of work safety subjects, which includes the bid winner, the contracting parties, the performance parties and the liability parties.
Over the past five years, CCCC has set up a special production safety fund of 100 million RMB per year to provide financial support for important special work; launched a series of awards for "Safe CCCC" to increase positive incentives; established a monthly meeting system to form the spirit of "perseverance"; vigorously promoted informationization, mechanization and standardization; established two monitoring centers for tunnels and shields and two research centers for highways and waterways to greatly enhance technical and intellectual support; established two monitoring centres for tunnels and shields and two research centres for highways and waterways, which have greatly enhanced the technical and think-tank support; actively advocated the management model of industrial workers and promoted new practices such as industrial workers' parks and happy towns; set up a national tunnel rescue team and significantly improved the professional rescue capability.