Safety and occupational health

CCCC pays attention to occupational health, establishes an occupational health protection mechanism, continuously improves the system of regular medical check-ups for employees and special medical check-ups for special types of work and harmful types of work, and promotes medical check-ups for all employees; according to the actual situation of work at construction sites, it distributes labor protection appliances, equip watering and dust removal facilitiesand equipment for cooling and preventing heat stroke, etc. to protect employees' occupational health; carries out diversified health publicity and education activities to raise employees' health awareness and safeguard their physical and mental health. In 2020, CCCC organized 2,530 occupational health publicity and education sessions, distributed 147,400 copies of occupational disease prevention and control materials, released 5,671 relevant information, and urged all units to carry out 224,000 employee health check-ups.