Safety and occupational health

On October 12, 2020, the 2020 Comprehensive Maritime Emergency Response Exercise for the Construction of Highway and Water Transport Projects, sponsored by the Ministry of Transport, the Guangdong Transportation Department, and CCCC, was held on the western artificial island and adjacent waters of the Shenzhong Passage. This maritime comprehensive emergency exercise lasted 50 minutes, covering four subjects, including vessel out of control, vessel grounding, vessel fire, and emergency disposal of people falling into the water. It adopted government-enterprise linkage, ministry and province cooperation, sea, land and air coordination, and showed the safety management characteristics of maritime engineering construction in an all-round way. The activity closely focused on the safety risks that may occur during the construction of the Shenzhong Passage project. The participants were well trained and disposed of in an orderly and practical manner, effectively preventing and resolving major production safety risks, enhancing water construction safety and emergency disposal capabilities, and deeply promoting the construction of a safe site.