Rescue and Disaster Relief

CCCC's East Coast Rail Link (ECRL) project helps flood-hit regions in East Coast of Malaysia
Since December 17, caused by heavy downpour, many places on the east coast of Malaysia suffered from serious flooding and a large number of houses were flooded. CCCC's ECRL project team organized a large number of rescue resources and went to various places to carry out rescue work.
The flooding was the most serious one in Kelantan since the huge flooding in 2014. Upon receiving the request for assistance, the project team immediately checked all the available rescue personnel, materials and equipment and sent 4 dump trucks to Jajahan Pasir Puteh to carry out rescue work. On the next day, 2 more dump trucks were sent to the place to transfer the flood-affected people and their properties to a safe place to reduce the losses caused by flooding as much as possible. 
On December 19, the county governments of Jajahan Pasir Puteh, Daerah Besut and Daerah Setiu asked CCCC's ECRL project for help. The project team quickly sent 28 heavy trucks and transferred nearly 200 victims while carrying out rescue work at the project site.
On December 19, the project team received a request for transportation assistance from the police department of Setiu in Terengganu State. The project team immediately sent 8 employees and 3 dump trucks to Setiu to carry out rescue work. Finally, after more than 6 hours of rescue work, the flooded-impacted people and materials were successfully transferred to the shelter.
On December 18, the project team visited the flood-affected families in Daerah Dungun, giving relief goods such as mattresses, bedding and food to them, and sent excavators, loaders and other engineering vehicles nearby to participate in rescue work. Ditches were dug to drain flood water and gravel was laid on muddy roads to reduce the impact of flooding on the village’s transportation.
A friend in need is a friend indeed. In the face of natural disasters, the ECRL project and the local people worked together to fight against floods, and gained the appreciation of local residents. CCCC's ECRL project will continue to care about the situation and actively participate in the flood control and disaster relief as well as post-disaster recovery to help the flood-affected people overcome the difficulties as soon as possible.