Rescue and Disaster Relief

 CCCC employee rescues a baby from a plane crash in Tanzania
On November 6, a Tanzanian plane about to land in Bukoba, Kagera, Tanzania from the capital city of Dar es Salaam crashed into Lake Victoria near the airport due to a thunderstorm. There were 43 people on the plane, including 4 crew members. 24 people survived and 19 were killed in the accident. CCCC employee Zhang Lin, the only Chinese passenger on the plane, managed to survive in the air crash and rescued a one-year-old baby.
Zhang Lin, the baby and his mother
While other passengers began to pray in panic, 30-year-old Zhang Lin tried his best to stay calm. He first put on his life jacket, then helped the flight attendant open the emergency hatch and guiding the people in distress escape in an orderly manner. When Zhang Lin saw someone at the emergency hatch holding a one-year-old baby struggling, Zhang Lin immediately climbed up along the wing of the plane and took the baby into his arms. Zhang Lin said that the situation was critical that time, he offered help immediately when he saw the baby.
That afternoon, Tanzanian Prime Minister Kassim Majaliwa visited the scene of the accident to guide the rescue mission and visited Zhang Lin in the hospital.
Tanzanian Prime Minister Kassim Majaliwa visits Zhang Lin in the hospital
On the morning of November 7, the baby's mother visited Zhang Lin in the hospital and expressed her gratitude to him. The bay even opened his arms to hug Zhang Lin when seeing him.
Zhang Lin started to work in Tanzania in October 2019. He is cheerful person and is willing to help others. After medical tests, Zhang Lin is in good physical and mental conditions, except for a bruise on his legs. He was discharged from the hospital and went back to work on the afternoon of the November 7.