Integration and Sharing | Talents


The East Coast Rail Link Industrial Skills Training Programme (PLKI-ECRL) was officially started in September 2017, which plans to train 5,000 excellent railway construction and operation talents for Malaysia, and these trained individuals will be selectively employed by the ECRL project.


Chinese experts train apprentices from other countries. Each Chinese technical expert or skilled worker at the China-Maldives Friendship Bridge give 2 to 3 employees from other countries training, empowering them with specialized skills.


Under the guidance and training of Chinese experts, many young Kenyans have grown into qualified locomotive drivers.


The rehabilitation project of the meter-gauge railway in Kenya offers jobs for over 30,000 people and provides technical training for new recruits, cultivating a large number of local technicians.


The Peljesac Bridge project has employed many local graduates, 30-plus local senior engineers, outreach workers and translators. The project has cooperated with 17 professional organizations, providing more than 1,500 direct and indirect jobs, bringing tangible benefits to local people and training a large number of infrastructure talents.


The project team of the First Metro Line of Bogota holds lectures on Building Information Modeling (BIM) for members of the engineers and technicians association of Colombia, conducting practical training on BIM application in projects such as the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge and the Colombo Port City.