Integration and Sharing | Education


The China-Pakistan Gwadar Faqeer School built by CCCC has fulfilled the children's dreams of an education. After two expansions, the school has a floor area of about 1,300 square meters and can accommodate 1,000 students.


The project team of the North-South Expressway has renovated and refurbished classrooms for a primary school along the highway. Seeing the new classrooms, the joy of all the teachers and students is evident. The school is going to take one classroom as a cultural exhibition room, and will hold regular activities such as "China Corner" to let more students learn Chinese culture.


The Keffi-Makurdi expressway reconstruction and expansion project donates cultural and sports supplies to multiple schools.


The project team of the expansion project of the Entebbe International Airport donates bursaries to children from three village schools in Kigungu, supporting them with learning materials, textbooks, and living necessities.

Scholarship for international students

As of December 2021, CCCC has provided scholarships to 365 students from the Belt and Road countries such as the Republic of the Congo, Kenya, Equatorial Guinea, Togo, Senegal, and Madagascar for study and training in China.