Addis Ababa River Side Green Development Project

The project is a park integrating functions of landscape, architecture, municipal services, roads, water conservancy, and gardens. Phase I was completed and handed over in March 2021, becoming a new landmark in Ethiopia's capital and a beautiful calling card for Ethiopia.
The once weed-infested riverbank and littered with household and industrial waste, has been transformed into the most functional and largest urban plaza in Africa. The plaza includes celebration squares, artificial lakes, art gardens, palm galleries, music fountains, cultural reliefs, and other landscapes.
The project has planned 150,800 square meters of gardens, with over 80 plant species and millions of trees planted. It not only creates a natural outdoor oxygen bar but also provides a comfortable habitat for wildlife. Currently, nearly a hundred bird species have settled here.
CCCC was responsible for the 1.2-kilometer river treatment and the construction of a semi-underground sewage treatment plant, which has a smaller footprint and more practical functions compared to traditional sewage treatment plants in Ethiopia, ensuring more efficient, clean, and sustainable pollution control.
"We are very grateful to the Chinese engineers for bringing advanced water treatment systems, which have made this city vibrant," said the manager of the Sheger Park.
Relief wall
The manager added that the park is not only the first choice of the public for outdoor recreation, many governmental celebrations are held here, and people are all proud of this beautiful garden.
According to the Ethiopian Ministry of Culture and Tourism, after the opening of the Sheger Park and its surrounding facilities to the public, it quickly became one of the most popular tourist destinations in Addis Ababa.