Colombo Port City

Colombo Port City is a key cooperative project between Sri Lanka and China under the Belt and Road Initiative. By reclaiming land from the sea, the project covers an area of 269 hectares and has a planned total construction area of over 6.3 million square meters. It aims to create a world-class central business district (CBD) in Colombo, integrating commercial, residential, leisure and entertainment functions.
In 2018, Colombo Port City was hailed as one of the "5 new cities that are set to shake up the future" by Forbes.
The project commenced in September 2014 and is expected to create over 83,000 employment opportunities. After completion, it will accommodate over 200,000 people, greatly driving social and economic development in Sri Lanka.
During a visit to the project, Mahinda Rajapaksa, Prime Minister of Sri Lanka, said that Colombo Port City would become a major economic and financial hub for Sri Lanka and South Asia and the project belongs not only to the present but would also benefit our future generations.