National Alpine Ski Center

The National Alpine Ski Center is the highest-level alpine skiing track in China and the first alpine skiing track in China that meets the Olympic standards. The project of CCCC includes 6 ski trails, 15 tech trails, 2 poma lift trails and 2 trails to the village, accounting for 95.8% of the total number of ski trails.
Yanqing Olympic area is a ski project with the shortest construction period, the highest difficulty, and the highest construction standards. After completion, it will become the highest-level alpine skiing track in China, and the only track in China that meets the standard of the Winter Olympics.

Yanchong Expressway

Yanchong Expressway is a highway linking Yanqing district of Beijing and Chongli district of Zhangjiakou, and is the number-one project of China's Organizing Committee for the 2022 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games and Ministry of Transport. The main line of the project is about 114.7 km long and has four lanes. During construction, the project team overcame many difficulties such as complex geological conditions, a maximum altitude difference of nearly 1,000 meters, a bridge-tunnel ratio of 56%, and high safety and environmental requirements.
The completion of Yanchong Expressway has greatly shortened the driving distance between the venues in Yanqing and Chongli.
CCCC constructed the section 9 in Beijing, the section ZT1 and ZT12 in Hebei of the Yanchong Expressway.
  • The section 9 in Beijing and the section ZT1 in Hebei are about 11.2 km long in total, among which the Songshan extra-long tunnel is about 9.2 km long and is the main project of the whole line.

  • The section ZT12 in Hebei is the last exit of the highway, and it is directly connected to the competition area in Chongli district of Zhangjiakou for the Winter Olympic Games, with a total length of 5.6 km, including tunnels, bridges and roadbeds, of which the Qipanliang tunnel is the main project.

Comprehensive Development Project of Future City in Zhangjiakou City, Hebei Province

The Comprehensive Development Project of Future City in Zhangjiakou invested and built by CCCC is located in the area south of Zhangjiakou South Station. The construction of the project is to build supporting urban facilities around the Zhangjiakou high-speed railway station. The development area is 14.8 square kilometers. Taking the 2022 Winter Olympic Games as an opportunity, Zhangjiakou City plans to make the project a demonstration area to build the city's image and provide services for the Winter Olympic Games. 

  • As a transportation project for the Winter Olympic Games in Zhangjiakou, CCCC completes the following projects in cooperation with other institutions.
    The construction consists of a 1,754-meter power cable tunnel and the four major systems: fire fighting, ventilation, monitoring and power distribution.

  • In order to help optimize and upgrade the regional economy and effectively give play to the advantages of CCCC's industrial chains, CCCC actively introduces an ice and snow equipment industrial park and a hydrogen energy vehicle project for the Winter Olympic Games, etc., to boost the economic impact of hosting the Olympics and promote Zhangjiakou's transformation and industrial upgrading.

Zhangyu Road Renovation Project

S231 Zhangyu Road (Zhangjiakou to Chongli Nanshanyao) Renovation Project is 34 km long, which is an important road connecting Zhangjiakou, Chongli and the competition area of the Winter Olympics. It will provide efficient, safe, reliable and environmentally-friendly transportation for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics. CCCC has built the 5.25 km-long section B. The builders overcame the difficulties such as steep slopes, strong winds, rugged terrains and tight schedules and successfully completed the construction. The project was successfully handed over on November 25, 2021.