CCCC's action plan for green and low-carbon development officially released


Recently, CCCC released its action plan for green and low-carbon development.

Recently, CCCC released its action plan for green and low-carbon development, which aims to clarify the overall requirements, strategic objectives, dramatic actions and supporting measures for the company's green and low-carbon development, accelerate the company's high quality development path featuring ecology first and green and low-carbon development, and help the company build a world-class enterprise with global competitiveness in technology, management and quality.
CCCC will continue to promote the green transformation of traditional industries, steadily expand green and low-carbon emerging industries, strive to play a leading role in scientific and technological innovation, actively build a system for green standards and specifications and explore to establish a green and low-carbon supporting system.
One Vision
CCCC will strive to become a global leader in green and low-carbon development in transportation infrastructure.
One Goal
CCCC will significantly reduce carbon emission intensity in key areas, make significant breakthroughs in green and low-carbon technologies, significantly increase the scale of green and low-carbon industries, and reach peak carbon emissions in infrastructure construction by 2030 and in equipment manufacturing by 2028.
Five Major Areas
CCCC will focus on the layout of green industry, technology and equipment, green finance, carbon asset management, green management and services, etc. to form a sound momentum of comprehensive and coordinated development.
Six Systems
CCCC will continue to build six systems consisting of strategic planning, standards and regulations, technological innovation, industrial layout, green finance and carbon asset management to support the high-quality development of the company.
Eight Initiatives
First, guide CCCC's development with top-level planning. CCCC will take carbon peak and carbon neutrality into its strategic layout, formulate development plans, action plans and implementation plans for green and low-carbon development, and unswervingly follow a high-quality development path featuring green and low-carbon development.
Second, boost green and low-carbon infrastructure transformation. CCCC will promote green development in water transportation, highways, railways, airports and other comprehensive transportation infrastructure fields, and actively invest urban green industries to lead the development of the industry.
Third, expand green emerging industries. CCCC will use green financial tools to build a new green and low-carbon industrial model with integrated development of investment, construction and operation in new fields such as comprehensive environmental management, construction and operation of new energy facilities and carbon sink.
Fourth, promote research, development and manufacturing of green low-carbon equipment. CCCC will innovate and develop low-carbon construction equipment, upgrade engineering vessels, intelligently improve the port system, and strengthen the integration of research, development, manufacturing, operation and maintenance capabilities of major equipment.
Fifth, promote scientific and technological innovation-driven development. CCCC will overcome the difficulties in key green and low-carbon technologies, form green and low-carbon technology achievements and standard systems, and promote the development of green and low-carbon technology innovation.
Sixth, establish carbon asset management and trials for trading. CCCC will establish carbon asset management system and trials for trading, carry out carbon emission trading in the company, and actively participate in national carbon emission trading.
Seven, facilitate development and upgrading of global green industries. CCCC will expand the overseas layout of new green infrastructure, promote green and low-carbon technology services and standards to go global and enhance CCCC's global influence based on the brand advantages of Chinese roads, bridges, ports and cities,.
Eight, improve management of energy saving and emission reduction. CCCC will make all staff more aware of the concept of green and low-carbon development, implement the concept in supply chain management, product and service certification, office energy saving and other fields.
The company will take supporting measures in five aspects: organization and leadership, investment, talent training, concretizing responsibility, and communication and cooperation to realize the goals of CCCC's green and low-carbon development. 

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