Ambassadors Face to Face with CCCC

"Make the world more smooth, make the city more livable, make the life more colorful" is CCCC’s vision.
Recently, over 100 foreign diplomats in China visited CCCC and learned about our infrastructure projects and urban upgrading construction. What familiar projects did the diplomats see? What cool technologies did they experience? How did they feel about the visit? Take a look!

  • 【通稿-媒体库-视频】3月8日-当地群众如何评价中交项目(2).png

    What impressions do the local people have on CCCC's projects(2)

    Now the water here is clear, the shore is green, and the scenery is beautiful, attracting a large number of residents to come and take walks and hang out.” said the landscaping engineer at the Sheger Park Friendship Square in Ethiopia with a smile.
    CCCC has built a series of mega infrastructure projects around the world, making local cities more livable and the world smoother. For example:
    ● The Riverside Green Development Project in Ethiopia
    ● The Mombasa-Nairobi Standard Gauge Railway in Kenya
    ● The Bogota Metro Line 1 in Colombia
    What changes have these projects brought to the local people? Let’s see what they said! 

  • 【通稿-媒体库-视频】3月6日-当地群众如何评价中交项目(1).png

    What impressions do the local people have on CCCC's projects(1)

    “We have dreamed of this for a long time and now it has finally come true. We really thought it would never happen.” said one Croatian standing beside the Peljesac Bridge.
    To make the world more smooth, CCCC has built a number of mega infrastructure projects across the world. For example: 
    ● The Peljesac Bridge in Croatia
    ● The Phnom Penh-Sihanoukville Expressway in Cambodia 
    ● The East Coast Rail Link in Malaysia
    What impressions do the local people have on these projects? Come and listen to their voices together.

  • 视频-俯瞰建设中的广西最长跨海大桥——龙门大桥.png

    Overlooking the longest cross-sea bridge under constrcution in China's Guangxi Province—Longmen Bridge

    A bridge in fairyland!
    Longmen Bridge, the longest cross-sea bridge in China’s Guangxi Province, is under construction with its two towers standing high in between the clouds and fog.
    With a total length of 6,098 meters, it’s the first sizeable kilometer-level bridge in Guangxi. It will slash the traveling time between Fangcheng Port and Qinzhou Port in Guangxi from 1.5 hours to about 25 minutes, vigorously promoting local transportation and economic development.

  • 英-盘点2022|中交集团年度十大工程(装备).png

    Top ten projects of CCCC in 2022

    In 2022, what high-quality projects and equipment have CCCCers created at home and abroad? At the end of the year, let's unveil the top ten projects of CCCC in 2022 in the following video, and review the year that we spent together!

  • 【英-媒体库-视频】1月22日-厦门翔安大桥主桥建成通.png

    Main part of Xiang'an Bridge opened to traffic

    The bridge is a fully prefabricated cross-sea bridge, whose components were prefabricated separately in advance and then assembled together into the magnificent bridge, just like building blocks!

  • 英语视频附件.png

    28 projects of CCCC stand out in the first-batch 2022-2023 China National Quality Engineering Award

    National engineering awards! A total of 28 projects of CCCC stood out in the first-batch 2022-2023 China National Quality Engineering Award, three of which were honored with the Golden Award, and 25 with the National Quality Award.
    Founded in 1981, China National Quality Engineering Award is the highest honor of national engineering quality involving multiple industries and disciplines. By now, CCCC has taken home 361 awards, among which 43 were Golden Awards. Check out the awarded projects!

  • 广连高速公路二期工程通车.png

    Guangzhou-Lianzhou Expressway officially put into operation

    The Guangzhou-Lianzhou Expressway in China, built by CCCC, was officially put into operation. Located in Guangdong Province, its 38-km-long second phase is a comprehensive project integrating bridges, roadbeds, tunnels, and interchanges. 
    Led by innovation, CCCC applied the UAV intelligent patrol system for the first time in China's expressway construction. Also, while traveling along the route, you can enjoy the view of green mountains and lucid waters. Take a look!