Ambassadors Face to Face with CCCC

"Make the world more smooth, make the city more livable, make the life more colorful" is CCCC's vision.
Recently, over 100 foreign diplomats in China visited CCCC and learned about our infrastructure projects and urban upgrading construction. What familiar projects did the diplomats see? What cool technologies did they experience? How did they feel about the visit? Take a look!

  • 【英-媒体库-视频】9月1日-所罗门群岛蒙达机场跑道升级项目主体完工.png

    The main structure of the Solomon Islands Munda airport runway upgrade project completed

    The Solomon Islands'second largest international airport has undergone a gorgeous upgrade! 
    The main structure of the Solomon Islands Munda airport runway upgrade project, undertaken by CCCC's subsidiary CHEC, has been completed recently. The total length of the airport runway is 2,100 meters, with the main runway being 1,800 meters and 30 meters wide, and the taxiways on both sides being 7.5 meters wide. This project will significantly enhance Munda Airport's operational capacity, ensuring safe takeoffs and landings while improving the travel experience for passengers. It holds great significance in boosting tourism and local economic development.
    Let's take a look at the upgraded Munda Airport!

  • 【英-如何高效建造一座100多米高的桥塔?.png

    How to build a 100-plus meters high tower efficiently?

    At the construction site of the Yangsigang Yangtze River Bridge, the world's longest-span double-deck suspension bridge with four main cables, a smart mobile factory is working on building a 100-plus meters high tower just like on an assembly line.
    CCCC's self-developed “vertical and mobile factory”, an integrated intelligent tower construction machine, has a total height of about 22.5 meters and weight of about 300 tonnes. It caters to the construction of various bridges. With the machine, a 100-plus meters high tower can be built story by story like 3D Printing. The labor cost is reduced, and the construction efficiency is increased by more than 4 times, with the construction speed averaging 1.3 meters per day.

  • 亮马河直播视频.png

    Light Show at the Liangma River

    Recently, CCCC held its first international live broadcast of the light show at the Liangma River in Beijing. Media reporters from 8 countries, including Pakistan, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Bangladesh, were amazed by CCCC’s stunning light technologies on the Liangma River Cruise. 

  • 【英-视频】德余高速乌江特大桥主体贯通.png

    Guizhou: Main body of the Wujiang Grand Bridge completed

    See a steel “rainbow” bridge flying over the green mountains above the Wujiang River in China's Guizhou. Built by CCCC, the Wujiang Grand Bridge has a main span of 504 meters, ranking first among the world's upper-bearing steel tube concrete arch bridges.
    With the last deck girder precisely in place, the main body of the bridge has been completed. After completion, it will further facilitate local transportation, promoting the development of the regional economy and tourism industry.

  • 杭州湾铁路大桥首根桩基入海.png

    First pile foundation of the Hangzhou Bay Railway Bridge drilled into the sea

    Witness the first pile foundation of the Hangzhou Bay Railway Bridge, the world’s longest high-speed railway cross-sea bridge, getting drilled into the sea!
    Located in the Yangtze River Delta region, the bridge has a total length of 29.2 kilometers. After its completion, travel time between core cities of the Yangtze River Delta via the high-speed railway will be shortened to about 30 minutes, which will increase travel efficiency and better promote the integrated development of the Yangtze River Delta region.

  • 视频.png

    World's longest double-arch bridge completed

    Behold gorgeous "rainbows" shining in the sea of clouds between mountains! 
    Located in Wulong District, China's Chongqing City, this double-arch bridge is called the Shuangbao Bridge. At present, its 2x405-meter double-arch structure is recognized as the world's longest double-arch bridge. 
    After its completion, it will help improve the local transportation network and support the development of local green industries, like ecological agriculture and tourism.
    Click the video to witness the closure of its main arches!

  • 【通稿-媒体库-视频】3月8日-当地群众如何评价中交项目(2).png

    What impressions do the local people have on CCCC's projects(2)

    "Now the water here is clear, the shore is green, and the scenery is beautiful, attracting a large number of residents to come and take walks and hang out." said the landscaping engineer at the Sheger Park Friendship Square in Ethiopia with a smile.
    CCCC has built a series of mega infrastructure projects around the world, making local cities more livable and the world smoother. For example:
    ● The Riverside Green Development Project in Ethiopia
    ● The Mombasa-Nairobi Standard Gauge Railway in Kenya
    ● The Bogota Metro Line 1 in Colombia
    What changes have these projects brought to the local people? Let’s see what they said!