CCCC successfully holds investment reverse roadshow

Source:CCCC Asset Management Co., Ltd., Board OfficeTime:2018-07-03

On June 27, CCCC successfully held an investment reverse roadshow, with the participation of analysts from over 30 institutions including CITIC Securities, UBS Securities, CICC and Morgan Stanley, as well as investors. Zhou Changjiang, Board Secretary of CCCC was present.

At the roadshow meeting, CCCC introduced the overall situation and development strategy of its investment business, the situation of industrial funds and asset securitization, the development ideas and results of industry-finance integration and dual-wheel drive, the situation and models of CCCC Fund's participation in PPP projects, as well as the successful experience of CCCC Asset Management Co., Ltd. in the branded, specialized, professional and intensive management of operated assets. The meeting presented a full account of CCCC's investment business, CCCC's investment strategy is clear and CCCC will advance its fixed goal steadily; according to the latest state policies and regulations, CCCC will duly adjust the development scale and financing mode of investment business to meet the need of risk control; also, CCCC will further deepen the specialized and intensive management of operated assets, to build a professional investment, financing, construction and management brand.

The investors present recognized the development and steady development model of CCCC's investment business, and exchanged ideas future investment scale, operating income and other core issues. Then they inspected Qingshui River Bridge on Guiyang-Weng'an Highway and Guiyang-Duyun Highway.

The roadshow drew attention and earned praise from domestic and foreign capital markets. Through project surveys, the investors acquired full knowledge of CCCC's investment development strategy, competitive edge and profitability. The roadshow boosted their confidence in CCCC's prospect, enhanced CCCC's investment value and further consolidated the favorable image of CCCC in the capital market.