Lipu-Yulin Highway project is won by CCCC consortium with contract value of RMB 16,300 million

Source:Tunnel EngineeringTime:2017-12-26

On December 19, the consortium of CCCC and Tunnel Engineering won the bid for the Lipu-Yulin Highway project in Guangxi. With a total investment of some RMB 16,300 million and a construction period of 48 months, the project will be operated in the mode of "equity financing + EPC".

With a full length of 261.7 kilometers and a bridge & tunnel ratio of 18.93 percent, in two-way four-lane design, the project involves 108 bridges measuring 27.1 kilometers, 923 culverts and passages, as well as 17 twin-bore tunnels measuring 16.7 kilometers.

Lipu-Yulin Highway is part of Vertical Line 2 (Lipu-Tieshangang  Highway) in the layout of "four vertical lines, six horizontal lines and three branch lines" in Guangxi's Highway Network Plan. After its completion, it will speed up regional integration, and promote economic and social development as the most convenient highway channel via which Guilin, Wuzhou and Yulin lead to Beihai, Zhanjiang and other coastal cities.