Fu Junyuan attends BRF Thematic Session on "Financial Connectivity"

Source:Overseas Business DivisionTime:2017-05-14

On May 14, the six thematic sessions of the Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation were held in Beijing. Fu Junyuan, CFO of CCCC, attended the Thematic Session on "Financial Connectivity". At the session, all parties agreed that long-term stable capital arrangement is of great importance to removing financial bottleneck and strengthening "Belt and Road" construction.

After attending the session, Fu granted an interview to the reporters of China News Service. He said, finance is the blood of the modern economy, unblocked blood vessels lead to economic growth, during "Belt and Road" construction, relevant countries should establish a cooperation mechanism, an open financial cooperation model and an open transparent mechanism to promote the progress of projects. As a state-owned enterprise, CCCC should not only consider economic return, but also assume social responsibility, and organically integrate social benefit with economic benefit.