Contract for Phase 2 of ECRL Project, Malaysia is signed by CCCC

Source:Overseas Business DivisionTime:2017-05-13

On May 13, witnessed by Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak, CCCC signed a business contract with Malaysia Rail Link (MRL) for Phase 2 of ECRL Project in Beijing, with a contract value of 9,000 million ringgits. Liu Qitao, Chairman of CCCC, attended the signing ceremony. Sun Ziyu, Vice President of CCCC, signed the contract on behalf of CCCC.

With a length of 81 kilometers, Phase 2 of ECRL Project is the extension of Phase 1. After being built up, the project will connect Port Klang on the West Coast of Malaysia to Kuantan Port on the East Coast, to build a real east-west economic and transportation corridor in Malaysia. The project is the largest-ever engineering project signed by Chinese enterprises abroad, as well as the largest-ever economic and trade project between China and Malaysia.