State Council Information Office holds press conference on central enterprises' involvement in "Belt and Road" construction Liu Qitao attends press conference, answers reporters' questions

Source:Party Committee Work DepartmentTime:2017-05-08

On the morning of May 8, the State Council Information Office held a press conference in Beijing. Xiao Yaqing, Chairman of the State-Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council (SASAC); as well as heads of central enterprises such as CCCC, CNPC, SGCC, China Mobile, Sinomach and CRRC introduced central enterprises' involvement in "Belt and Road" construction, and answered reporters' questions. Liu Qitao, Chairman of CCCC, answered reporters' questions.

Xiao introduced the overall situation of central enterprises' involvement in "Belt and Road" construction. He noted that central enterprises have actively responded to the initiative of President Xi Jinping, taken "Belt and Road" construction as an emphasis of the "globalization" of central enterprises, fully employed their advantages in such aspects as technology, capital and talent, "gone global", and been involved in "Belt and Road" construction. In the past more than three years, a total of 47 enterprises have been involved or invested in "Belt and Road" construction, or constructed 1,676 projects in association with enterprises in the countries along the "Belt and Road". For example, in infrastructural construction, central enterprises have employed their advantage to construct some railway, highway and high-speed railway projects such as Mombasa-Nairobi Railway and Karakoram  Highway. The construction and completion of these projects have promoted the development of the local economy and society, and provided rich practical experience for the "globalization" of central enterprises.

Xiao stressed that SASAC would continue to promote central enterprises' in-depth involvement in "Belt and Road" construction, constantly deepen the exchanges and cooperation among the countries along the "Belt and Road" in fields such as equipment, technology and management, and strive to build a community of fate and a community of interests, so as to make greater contributions to the sustainable development of the global economy.

At the press conference, Liu answered reporters' questions about central enterprises' performance of social responsibility abroad and the construction of symbolic projects.

Speaking of social responsibility performance abroad, Liu said CCCC has constructed 10,320 kilometers of highways, 152 bridges, 95 deepwater berths and 10 airports in the countries and regions along the "Belt and Road", and delivered 754 container traveling bridges. The total length of railways signed and under construction reached 2,080 kilometers. The "Belt and Road" initiative boosted the needs of the countries along the "Belt and Road". With a full length of 480 kilometers, Mombasa-Nairobi Railway constructed by CCCC in Kenya will be open to traffic at the end of this month and create 40,000 jobs for locals. After being built up, the railway will link East Africa's largest port Mombasa Port to the capital of Kenya-Nairobi, reduce logistics cost by 40 percent, and provide a convenient access for East African countries. During the construction of Mombasa-Nairobi Railway, CCCC released China's first social responsibility report for overseas projects, and invited the United Nations Environment Programme to attend the release conference. During project construction, CCCC paid attention to the ecological environment along the highway, gave consideration to animals migrating from grasslands, built animal channels and solved the drinking problem of animals, tried to be up to international environmental protection standards, and dug more than 100 deepwater wells for the people along the highway.

Answering reporters' questions about the advancement of symbolic projects on the "Belt and Road", Liu said that CCCC has advanced the construction of major engineering projects based on the development needs of the countries along the "Belt and Road", and signed contracts and agreements with a total amount of more than RMB 40,000 million. With Mombasa-Nairobi Railway, Gwadar Port, Karakoram Highway, Colombo Port City and other projects as examples, he introduced the important role of CCCC's symbolic projects in clearing up local traffic, prospering the local economy, improving local people's livelihood and promoting Sino-foreign exchanges.

55 Chinese and foreign media outlets were invited to the press conference. CCTV, and other media outlets broadcast the press conference live.