Xi Jinping surveys public terminal of Tieshan Port, Beihai designed, constructed by CCCC

Source:Second Harbour Consultants, Fourth Harbour Engineering, etc.Time:2017-04-21

On the afternoon of April 19, Xi Jinping, General Secretary of the CPC Central Committee and President of China, surveyed the public terminal of Tieshan Port, Beihai, Guangxi designed and constructed by CCCC in the rain. He listened to the introduction of terminal planning and construction, and inquired about the development and construction of Beibu Gulf Economic Zone and Guangxi's open cooperation with ASEAN. He noted that Tieshan Port with superior location and broad prospect will be an important support of Beibu Gulf Economic Zone, calling for efforts to build the ports in the Beibu Gulf and the seaward economy. As we often say, "To get rich, road building comes first", the coastal area must build ports first in order to get rich.

Xi stressed that the public terminal of Tieshan Port has important relations with the "The Belt and Road", "The Belt and Road" initiative has received wide response from the international community over the past three years since it was proposed, we must promote the great opening-up and development of China under the framework of "The Belt and Road", to achieve two centenary goals and the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

Tieshan Port is important part of Beibu Gulf Port, Guangxi, as well as a key area of undertaking industry transfer, developing port logistics, deploying major coastal industries and developing foreign trade. The port's cargo throughput has soared from 1.17 million tons in 2010 to 22 million tons in 2016. As one of the earliest constructors involved in the construction of the terminal, the company undertook the survey & design, construction, dredging and reclamation of the terminal. Now the company is constructing Phase 3 of the channel.