CCCC wins seven Zhan Tianyou awards

Source:Department of Science and Technology, Tianjin Dredging, etc.Time:2017-04-18

On April 14, the 14th China Zhan Tianyou Award Presentation Conference was held in Beijing. A total of 29 projects won the award, including seven from CCCC, accounting for nearly 25 percent of all awarded projects.

CCCC's awarded projects are Jiujiang Yangtze River Highway Bridge co-constructed by Second Harbour Engineering andSecond Highway Engineering, Beipanjiang Grand Bridge on Liupanshui-Panxian Highway co-constructed by Second Highway Consultants and Second Harbour Engineering, newly-built Harbin-Dalian Railway Passenger Line co-constructed by CCCC, the trunk line of Shanghai--Ruili State Highway-Shaoyang-Huaihua Highway in Hunan Province co-constructed by Second Highway Consultants, Chongming-Qidong Yangtze River Highway Channel co-constructed by Second Harbour Engineering and Highway Consultants, and Rizhao-Yizheng Crude Oil Pipeline and auxiliary project (300,000t crude oil terminal in Lanshan zone of Rizhao Port) co-constructed by Water Transportation Consultants.