CCCC acquires Concremat Engenharia, signs consignment agreement on Sao Luis Port investment & financing

Source:Overseas Business DivisionTime:2017-04-12

On April 16, CCCC held the signing ceremony of the agreement on equity transfer of Concremat Engenharia & the consignment agreement on Sao Luis Port investment and financing in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Flores, Representative of the Brazilian Presidential Palace and Deputy Head of the Brazilian Chamber of Deputies; Sun Ziyu, Vice President of CCCC; Li Jinzhang, Chinese Ambassador to Brazil and Flavio Dino, Governor of Maranhao attended the ceremony.

Flores delivered a speech on behalf of the Brazilian Presidential Palace. He conveyed the congratulations of Brazilian President Michel Temer and Brazilian Minister of Transport Maurício Quintella, welcomed and extended congratulations on CCCC's acquisition and investment in Brazil. China and Brazil are strategic partners, CCCC achieved a strong combination through the acquisition, said him, expecting CCCC to participate in Brazil's infrastructural construction more actively to support Brazil's economic and social development.

Sun introduced the overall situation of CCCC. He said CCCC has full confidence in its investment in infrastructure and other fields in Brazil. China and Brazil have strong economic and trade complementarity, Brazil's investment environment has improved gradually, as China's largest traffic infrastructure investor, CCCC is committed to becoming a partner to share the economic and social development responsibilities of government, a participant to deeply involve in the regional economic development and a quality public service provider for government procurement. Based on Concremat Engenharia, CCCC will uphold the business concept of openness, transparency, legality and compliance, respect local customs, protect ecological environment and deliver outstanding "green projects" along with local partners.

Founded in 1952, Concremat Engenharia is mainly engaged in planning, consultation, design, supervision, construction management, environmental and social impact assessment and material testing. It came out on top among Brazilian engineering design and consultation enterprises in 2016, and holds a share of some 13.8 percent in Brazil's design and consultation market. The acquisition and the signing of the project agreement marks a milestone in the "three-step" strategy of CCCC South America.