CCCC releases key business targets for 2017

Source:Board OfficeTime:2017-03-03

On February 28, the Board of Directors of CCCC approved the key business targets for 2017 upon deliberation. According to the announcement, CCCC grew steadily with a record new contract amount of 730,802 million yuan in 2016. The surge in the number of overseas and investment orders consolidated CCCC's leading role on the "One Belt and One Road" and gave full expression to the strategy of "experts in five areas". CCCC aims to achieve a record new contract amount of 900,000 million yuan in 2017, increase 23 percent from 2016,which would create new high in recent seven years.

On March 1, in the telephone communication with investors and analysts of research institutions, Fu Junyuan, Executive Director and CFO of CCCC said that CCCC was confident of fulfilling the key business targets set by the board of directors, would continue to preferentially develop some PPP projects with anticipated benefit and controllable risk on the basis of effectively and rationally employing financial leverage, participate in "One Belt and One Road" construction in an all-round manner, continue to play a significant role in implementing major national strategies and promoting the development of the national economy, and strive to repay investors with the best business performance.

In the day, CCCC closed at 10.80 Hong Kong dollars in the H-stock market, up 7.78 percent from the previous close, hitting a new high in one year; and closed at 17.99 yuan in the A-stock market, edging up from the previous close.