CCCG & CCCC Working Conference calls for efforts to build CCCC into globally competitive enterprise

Source:General Office Party Committee Work DepartmentTime:2017-01-19

From January 18 to 19, the CCCG & CCCC 2017 Working Conference was held at CCCC Building in Beijing. The task of the conference is comprehensively implementing the spirit of the 18th CPC National Congress, the third, fourth, fifth and sixth sessions of the 18th CPC National Committee, the Central Economic Working Conference and the National Working Conference on the Party Building of State-owned Enterprises, implementing the requirements of the SASAC Central Enterprise Executive Conference, summarizing the work in 2016, analyzing the current situation, studying and deploying the key work for 2017, further making clear the direction and unifying thought, and pooling efforts to create a new situation for corporate reform and development.

Party Secretary and Chairman Liu Qitao delivered a speech entitled Strengthening Party Leadership and Comprehensively Deepening Reform to Build a Globally Competitive Enterprise.

Liu noted that CCCC started well in the "thirteenth five-year" period, with quality and benefit improved both. This is reflected in five aspects: I CCCC reached a new development level: Under the persistent guidance of the "five-style CCCC" strategy, CCCC's pilot reform created a new development pattern, CCCC's capability of establishing a new model for central enterprises and implementing major national strategies improved significantly; II The supply-side reform stimulated the new kinetic energy of CCCC: CCCC initiatively adapted to new economic normal, started from the supply-side reform, established the new orientation of "becoming an undertaker of the responsibility for vital governmental, economic and social issues, a deep participant in regional economic development, as well as an outstanding public service provider for the government", grasped new economic normal, followed national strategies and employed industrial advantage; III CCCC achieved new results in quality and benefit improvement: Amid overall market slump, with focus on the central task of "improving development quality and benefit", CCCC developed the market, increased incremental assets, took effective measures, liquidized idle assets, strengthened internal management, reduced cost and increased efficiency, so as to achieve business growth and continue improving quality and benefit; IV CCCC achieved new success in globalization: CCCC continued to optimize its global market layout and resource allocation capacity, achieved major breakthrough in overseas railway projects, significantly improved its market influence and international popularity, and guided "Chinese technologies", "Chinese standards" and "Chinese management" in going global; V CCCC developed new advantage in Party building: CCCC's Party organization and corporate governance structure were further nested organically and integrated effectively, the role of the Party organization as leading core and political core was more prominent, the role of the Party organization in corporate development was enhanced constantly, grass-roots Party building was conducted in an orderly manner, and clean government building and anti-corruption work was advanced in depth.

President Chen Fenjian delivered a work report entitled Seizing the Period of Strategic Opportunity, Winning the Tough Battle of Transformation, and Making New Contributions in the Process of Comprehensively Building a Globally Competitive Enterprise. He reviewed CCCC's work performance in 2016, profoundly analyzed the current situation faced by CCCC and deployed CCCC's key work for 2017.

Chen noted that CCCC's overall development idea in 2017 is comprehensively implementing the spirit of the 18th CPC National Congress, the third, fourth, fifth and sixth sessions of the 18th CPC National Committee, and the Central Economic Working Conference, solidly establishing five development concepts, advancing the "five-style CCCC" strategy in depth based on the requirements of the SASAC Central Enterprise Executive Conference, pooling efforts to ensure growth, advancing reform unswervingly, strengthening internal management solidly, speeding up transformation and upgrading, improving capabilities by all means, being realistic and pragmatic in Party building, taking multiple measures to strengthen guarantee, and making new contributions in the process of comprehensively building a globally competitive enterprise.