CCCC Fund liquidizes operating assets of 2,600 million yuan

Source:CCCC FundTime:2016-12-07

Recently "CCCC CMB Road & Bridge Fund", a fund management platform under CCCC Fund, has delisted its 85% stake in the four project companies of Fengdu-Fuling Highway (Chongqing), Fengdu-Shizhu Highway (Chongqing), Tongliang-Hechuan Highway (Chongqing) and Guangzhou-Gaoming Highway (Foshan), placing the raised fund of 2,650 million yuan in full.

To explore assets cultivation, development and integration, and enhance assets value, CCCC Fund and CCCC Asset Management Co., Ltd. initiated "CCCC CMB Road & Bridge Fund" in association with the original shareholders of the project companies and financial institutions, with a scale of 15,000 million yuan. In the mode of "industry + capital", the fund will employ the resource advantage of related sides, focus on traffic infrastructure such as road & bridge and port, to open a new path and build a brand for liquidizing CCCC's operating assets.

By evaluating and combining CCCC's operating assets, on the basis of introducing funds to invest in stock highways, CCCCC Fund will promote assets transformation and upgrading to optimize CCCC's financial structure.