Franchise project of Foshan Subway Line 3 is won by CCCC

Source:Road & Bridge & Rail Business DivisionTime:2016-11-30

Recently CCCC has won the bid for the franchise project of Foshan Subway Line 3, with a contract value of 2,820 million yuan.

With a full length of some 66.5 kilometers, Foshan Subway Line 3 has 36 stations, including three elevated stations and 33 underground stations. With a construction period of five years and an operation period of 25 years, the project is scheduled to break ground in late 2016 and go into trial operation in late 2021. As an important result of CCCC's efforts to implement the strategy of "experts in five areas" and conduct high-end marketing, the project is of great strategic significance to optimizing and prospering CCCC's rail transit business.