Rail transit PPP project in Urumqi with total investment of 16,800 million yuan is won by CCCC

Source:Northwest Regional HeadquartersTime:2016-11-24
On November 21, CCCC won the bid for the Phase 1 PPP project of Urumqi Subway Line 4, with a total investment of some 16,800 million yuan, a construction period of five years and an operation period of 30 years.

With a full length of 29.45 kilometers, this is the first rail transit PPP project undertaken by CCCC. With a length of 20.7 kilometers, Phase 1 involves one rolling stock depot and one rolling stock storage yard, two main substations and a network control center.

After its completion, the project will be of great significance to improving the model of infrastructure investment and financing in Urumqi, improving the quality of public utility service, accelerating the building of Urumqi into an integrated traffic hub and building Urumqi into a core city in the Silk Road Economic Belt.