Design project of Venice Offshore Port, Italy is won by CCCC consortium

Source:Overseas Business DivisionTime:2016-11-22
On November 17, the consortium of CCCC, 3TI and eAmbiente won the bid for the design of Phase 1 of Venice Offshore Port in Italy. The project is owned by the Venice Port Authority.

The project involves the capital construction design of a container terminal in Phase 1 of Venice Offshore Port, including breakwater, container terminal, service zone, electric, water supply and drainage, environmental protection, communication and control design, as well as survey and environmental monitoring. The project will be designed with BIM, with a total contract period of 300 days.

The project bid is an international open competitive bid. Seven internationally renowned engineering consulting companies from countries such as the USA, France, the Netherlands and Italy submitted bidding documents. 3TI is one of the largest design companies in Italy; eAmbiente is a local environmental monitoring company. With outstanding business performance, excellent technical schemes, as well as good response and high conformity to bidding conditions, the consortium initiated by CCCC and comprising 3TI and eAmbiente stood out from numerous opponents. This is also the only bidder that scored full marks in both the technical bid and the commercial bid.

This is the first spot capital construction project won by CCCC in the EU market, as well as the first such project won by Chinese companies in a developed EU country, marking that CCCC has made a breakthrough in the EU high-end market after exporting its port machinery and equipment to the EU.