PPP project with contract value of 16,300 million yuan is won by CCCC as China's first large cross-sea immersed tunnel PPP project

Source:First Harbour EngineeringTime:2016-09-27
On September 27, a consortium of First Harbour Engineering, Fourth Harbour Engineering, Highway Consultants andCCCC Fund won the bid for the PPP project of Dalian Bay subsea tunnel and Guangming Road extension in association with the Shanghai Tunnel Engineering & Rail Transit Design and Research Institute and the Dalian Municipal Design & Research Institute, with a total contract value of 16,300 million yuan.

The project is China's first large cross-sea immersed tunnel PPP project. With a full length of 12.1 kilometers and a main length of 5.1 kilometers, the tunnel will be constructed with the immersed tube method. 18 large immersed tubes will be installed with a standard length of 180 meters each; and the full length of Guangming Road extension is seven kilometers.

This project is another large cross-seat immersed tunnel project undertaken by CCCC after the project of Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge. After its completion, the project will become a new south-to-north express channel in Dalian and Liaodong Peninsula, and be of great significance to promoting the integration of the both banks of Dalian Diamond Bay and building the Bohai-Rim and Huanghai-Rim coastal economic circles.